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Site Scores

Pagespeed Insights Website Carbon Calculator WAVE Blacklight
Mobile: 99. Desktop: 100. 0.05g Errors: 0. Alerts: 0. No ad-tech companies were found on this website.
How these scores are calculated

The website homepage, and one other randomly selected page, are tested using a series of automated tools and the results aggregated. None of these tools can be considered 100% accurate, and may report some false negatives and positives. However, they do provide a good objective indication of website performance without the need for a manual audit.

Tool Checks Aggregation Method Scoring
Pagespeed Insights Page load speed on mobile and desktop. Mean of results. 0 - 100. Higher is better.
Website Carbon Calculator Carbon emitted from viewing page. Mean of results. Grams of CO2. Lower is better.
WAVE Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Worst individual score. Number of Errors and Alerts (potential problems). Lower is better.
Blacklight Presence of user tracking technologies on page. Single score, as it automatically checks multiple pages. In-depth text summary of any trackers found.


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