Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy. Unlike many sites that start their privacy policy with these words, however, we actually mean them. None of us like being constantly tracked and profiled when we're online, and we assume that you don’t either; we also assume that rather than reading some deliberately obscure legalese, you’d rather read plain English.

To that end; this site has no cookies, tracking scripts, adverts, newsletter signups, or analytics. The only personal data that is collected on the site is whatever you choose to enter into the contact form. This is processed by Netlify (our host) to send to us and passed through Akismet (a spam filter). We will never share any of your data with anyone else, unless you specifically request us to do so.

Netlify have a privacy policy, as do Akismet – Netlify Privacy Policy, Akismet Privacy Policy – which you can read to see how they process any data entered into the contact form. If you chooose not to use the contact form, of course, no personal data will be collected.